Celebrate Hard Workers, Fair Bosses

Steve McIntyre. The Galveston Daily News. Monday, September 1, 2014 |The Daily News | A5

All of us have worked for someone who caused us to bite our tongue as he walked by barking another order to do something faster or over one more time. Some of us quit but many of us bit our tongues and kept working day after day. We had to feed ourselves, pay tuition and care for our children.

Along the way some of us were lucky enough to be employed by someone who treated us like human beings. Maybe we didn’t have sick leave, but we could stay home when we were sick and not worry about being fired.

We might get a small pay raise from time to time. These employers asked about our families, and we could take an extra hour for lunch on our birthday. They listened and seriously considered our suggestions. You know what I mean.

If you are lucky enough to work for an employer who treats their workers with respect and dignity, a boss who doesn’t just follow the law but who is genuinely a good and decent and fair human being, let’s celebrate that employer and point to them as an example for others to emulate.


If you would like to anonymously point out that employer to the public, please go to the Gulf Coast Interfaith website at www.gulfcoastinterfaith.org/news/employment_news and enter the data in English or Spanish. The information you enter will be reviewed and accumulated, and hopefully around Thanksgiving the result, the best employer in Galveston, will be made public.