McIntyre Appointed to Refugee Committee

El Editor. Lubbock, TX. January 25, 1990

Lubbock attorney Stephen C.  McIntyre was recently appointed by the Texas Young Lawyers Association to its Committee on Central American Refugees. The six lawyer committee was established to assist in insuring that refugees from Central America who are flooding the Rio Grande Valley receive legal representation. The committee is co-chaired by SMU Law Professor Chip Pitts and San Antonio lawyer Mark Sessions, son of the FBI Director.

Because of the continuing violence in Central America and foreign policy decisions of the Reagan and Bush administrations there has been a steady stream of refugees moving to the north. Over the last couple years the INS has changed its policies and practices resulting in a large number of refugees being deported. There has been several successful law suits striking down some of those policies. The end result being a large number of applicants for political asylum being detained in jail in the Valley who need legal assistance to help them prove they have a “legitimate fear of persecution” if they return to their country.

“I look forward to serving on this committee,” said McIntyre. “I believe the other members are deeply concerned about the legal rights of these Central American refugees and the need to insure the INS is not used by the Bush administration in an illegal manner,” McIntyre said.

McIntyre is a partner in the Lubbock law firm of Mercado & McIntyre.