TRLA Attorney Urges Filing

Fort Stockton Pioneer. February 26, 1989

Low income working families with children should apply for a recently expanded income tax credit by filing a federal tax return. Most migrant farmworker families with children are eligible for the income tax credit because of their low income.

Recent tax law changes broadened the 13-year old Earned Income Credit (EIC). Under the EIC benefit scale, working families with at least one child living at home, and incomes of less than $18,576 in 1988, can receive a tax credit of up to $874. For example, for families with earned incomes between $6,000 and $10,000, the credit is worth at least $840. And since EIC is a “refundable credit,” those at the lower, neediest end of the income scale-those who earn too little to owe federal income taxes-will automatically receive a check from the government in the amount of their credit, but only if they file a federal income tax return.

“We want the farmworkers and other poor people in this area to apply for and receive the money that Congress has decided they are entitled to receive, “ said TRLA staff attorney Stephen C. McIntyre. “Poor people who need assistance in filling out the forms should contact their local legal office, church, or community center for assistance,” said McIntyre.