Migrant Farm Workers Settle Lawsuit

El Editor. Lubbock, TX. July 7-13, 1988

A class action law suit against two more Lynn County farmers was tentatively settled on last Monday.

Three migrant farm workers filed a federal class action law suit against 24 Brownfield area farmers in July, 1987 alleging that for three years the farmers failed to comply with the disclosure and record keeping requirements of the Agricultural Worker Protection Act and failed to comply with Texas field sanitation laws. The complaint also alleged the three migrant workers were not paid the minimum wage of $3.35 per hour.

Recently, a tentative settlement against J.A. Evans of the Evans & Clem partnership was forwarded to United States District Judge Cummings for review and approval. On Monday, June 27th a similar tentative settlement with Meeks Farms Partnership and Laverne Meeks Farms was forwarded to Judge Cummings.

“We were able to settle this portion of the case because the parties and their attorneys were willing to put their personal feelings aside and simply evaluate the case solely on the merits,” said Texas Rural Legal Aid staff attorney Stephen C. McIntyre.

“The settlement of the claims against Evans and the Meeks will not affect the continued litigation against the other 21 farmers, “ said McIntyre.

The proposed class settlement with Evans and Meeks is currently before Judge Sam R. Cummings for approval. If both are approved by Judge Cummings, the three names plaintiffs and the class will share $17,500.00.