San Jose To Receive Protection from Aerial Spraying

El Editor. Lubbock, TX. July 30- August 5, 1987

On June 23, 1986 an anonymous complaint was filed with the Texas Department of Agriculture by residents of the San Jose colonia a/k/a the Hereford labor camp against a local aerial spraying service that had been spraying chemicals on fields near San Jose. The complaint was filed by Stephen C. McIntyre, staff attorney, Texas Rural Legal Aid, Inc, Farm worker Division, Hereford, Texas.

The complaint requested that TDA investigate the aerial spraying and to take appropriate action to protect the health and safety of families living in San Jose.

After a year of investigation and negotiations a tentative agreement was proposed by TDA and agreed to by the aerial spraying service and TRLA n June 24th. The agreement includes posting a notice in English and Spanish at the offices of Migrant Advocacy Services, Inc. in San Jose. The notice is to include the name of the aerial sprayer and farmer and the chemical. It will also include the date and time of the spraying. The agreement also includes a commitment to only spray when the wind is blowing away from the San Jose colonia.

“This is an important agreement for the people of San Jose. With the notice they will now have the choice between remaining in their homes with their children playing in the yard during the spraying or leaving the immediate area for a few hours,” said McIntyre.

“We will monitor the effectiveness of the notice and the behavior of the aerial service. If this agreement is insufficient we will seek more protection from TDA,” McIntyre said.